Thinking about Social Media Marketing?

5 - 1 - 2017

Benefit #1 – Brand Awareness

The customer journey starts with brand awareness. Once consumers are conscious of your brand, they can begin the journey down the funnel to purchase. Until that moment, your company doesn’t exist in a consumer’s world. Social media is a fantastic place to build awareness, because of the number of users and the bang for your advertising buck (CPMs are typically lower than traditional advertising).

Pro tip: Your brand doesn’t need to be on every social media platform. If you’re building your brand from ground zero, focus on the social media platforms that your target audience are most likely using. If you don’t know which platforms your target audience is using, Sprout Social has a demographic breakdown of popular social media sites.

Benefit #2– Brand Authenticity

What says ‘spam’ louder than an email subject line that starts with “100% free…”? A business or brand with zero social media presence. No matter your company or product, you can be sure that people are searching for your brand or engaging in conversations about your industry on social media.

They’re also using social media as search tools. In 2016, Facebook received 2 billion searches a day. Own those brand touchpoints.

Benefit #3 – 24/7 Opportunity for Engagement

You can’t click on a billboard or have a conversation with a magazine ad. Well, you can, but people might start looking at you funny. With organic social posts or ads, consumers and potential customers have an opportunity to “bump into” and engage with your business during their prime time and at their convenience. Your store doesn’t have to be open, and it doesn’t have to be during live chat hours. With social media, your brand is always on and available to customers.

Benefit #4 – Creepin’ Just Got Easier

Social media platforms house a lot of personal data. Facebook, for example, provides insightful data about your audience, including the ability to compare how your followers’ demographics or behaviors measure up to all Facebook users.


Benefit #5 – Inbound Traffic

Social media platforms are another outlet for consumers to link back to your site. As an added SEO bonus, quality traffic from social sites sends positive triggers to Google, which means increased organic exposure.

Benefit #6 – Conversions

You’ve shared your brand story through a Facebook post, you’ve targeted your customers with a well-crafted blog article that’s right up their alley, and now they’re visiting your site. Use your social media marketing to seal the conversion deal through a retargeting ad campaign optimized for conversions or an organic post with a direct response focus. The opportunity to get your message in front of people in the final stages of their journey is available to you on social media. Use this power wisely.

Hopefully, these benefits have informed and inspired you! Want specific examples of how social media marketing can help support your business goals? Contact us today!

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